Operation: Music Aid

Operation: Music Aid''s 1000th Guitar

from courant.com

Here''s a story about an American flag-themed guitar being presented to a soldier who had his ankles wrecked by a mortar round in Afghanistan. This is the 1,000th such guitar given to wounded American military personnel as part of Operation: Music Aid.

Hagar-Satriani Supergroup

from the Canadian Press

Hell yes. Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani are hitting the studio with Chad Smith and Michael Anthony September 1st. Sammy actually said, "We could rival Zep." Ummm, easy now -- we''re excited about this but let''s not get carried away.

STP "reunion" Dissected

from the Eagle-Tribune

Don''t call the Stone Temple Pilots reunion a reunion? Okay, whatever. Anyway, here''s the back story.