PRS Expansion

from Baltimore Sun

As already discussed in a previous Riff, it''s a good time to have stud luthier skills because PRS is hiring 60 people as it expands its Stevensville, Maryland factory. Here is a video that gives you a little more insight into the expansion.

Megadeth looks to conquer

from blabbermouth

Looks like Dave Mustaine and the rest of the boys are heading into the studio for another album. Megadeth will rejoin forces with Andy Sneap, who produced their last studio album in 2007. Megadeth''s still making music, but who''s buying?

Lynyrd Skynyrd still rockin''

from Rolling Stone

As the veteran rockers from the swamp complete yet another summer tour, they look to record an album that should be released in 2009. No surprise there, but as mentioned in our
interview with John 5 in August''s issue, they have been recording with the scary shredder. What to expect from this collaboration is unsure, but it should provide some tasty licks.

Super Guitars

from GuitarSite

The PG jury is still out on this top 10 list, but it''s definitely worth your time to stop and browse these pieces of work. It''s a collection of 10 guitars dedicated to comic book heroes and animated characters. Our only question is where are the guitars for Ren and Stimpy?