Work for PRS

from Biz Journals

It''s a good time to have stud luthier skills... We recently told you about the new jobs at Gibson? Now, PRS is hiring 60 people as it expands its Stevensville, Maryland factory.

Epiphone Catches On

from Gear Trap

Looks like Epiphone finally decided to cash in on the popularity of its Valve Jr. amp for modding with an upcoming "Valve Jr. Hot Rod," featuring pre-installed modifications. Good for those who don''t solder, but doesn''t it kind of defeat the amp''s original appeal?

Dave Matthews'' Sax Player Dead

from Yahoo

You probably recognize LeRoi Moore as the guy with dreads and a saxophone in Dave Matthews'' band. He passed away after an ATV accident in June.

Beginnings of a Luthier

from Minnesota Post

Always looking for a new custom builder to check out? Here''s a cool story. David Seaton began building guitars as a way to mentally recover from a devastating strom that felled a bunch of trees where he lives. Now he continues to build beautiful acoustics in Minnesota with local materials.