Rush Appears On Colbert Report

from Rolling Stone

Last week, Rush made their first appearance on television in 33 years. Hosted by comedian Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report, the band performed "Tom Sawyer" and was subjected to Colbert''s unusual style of humor. Geddy, Alex and Neil have also been busy recently with their summer tour which concludes at the end of the week.

Fastest Guitar Player In The World?

from Guitar Flame

Although Tiago Della Vega''s speedy shredding might lack some tonal finesse, man can this guy play fast! Check out the video and story here. World record contender Raha Hasan has some competition.

Free Guitar Recording Software

from Guitar Noize

It always tastes better when it''s free, right? Sonoma Wire Works recently announced a free edition of their Riffworks T4 software. This music recording client includes a nifty little feature that allows musicians to collaborate on a song over the internet. Of course, you need a subscription for that...