Saint Blues Scratch and dent


To maintain high QC standards, Saint Blues occasionally encounters guitars that don''t make the grade because of minuscule scratches or dings. With time these guitars begin to block  their fridge, so Saint Blues is currently running a big sale on all these guitars. Head on over to the "Scratch and Dent" sale and find a guitar in need of love!

A Guitar for a GOOD Cause


Members of several punk and hardcore bands including Rancid, H2O, Goldfinger and Sick Of It All have signed a new Fender acoustic guitar to help out a close friend battling cancer. Stop by their eBay page and take a look at the guitar and the current bid.

The Clash - In Their Words

from Times Online

The Times Online has gathered some insight into the Clash''s new book, The Clash, out October 6th. There are other books about the Clash out there but this one is different because it incorporates personal thoughts, ideas and words from band-members. Click here to view the first part of the two extracts.

Curb your enthusiasm zeppelin fans

from Contact Music

According to this latest news, it doesn''t look good for a full Zeppelin tour. Several sources including Page''s close friend, Slash, have their doubts about the rock legends hitting the road anytime soon.