Tom Hamilton

Aerosmith Bassist Funnies

from Blabbermouth

This morning, Aerosmith bassist, Tom Hamilton, was on 100.7 WZLX FM in Boston. Hamilton spoke about his comedic role in this year''s Banned In Boston, which is taking place on Saturday, April 26 at MIT''s Kresge Auditorium. If you''re in the area, you can hear him on KISS 108 tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. EST.
Mad Scientist with Strat

Saving Santana''s Strat

from Trade Secrets

After salvaging Santana''s very warped ’63 Lake Placid Blue Strat, Dan Erlewine decided to describe the process on Trade Secrets. How did he make this work? A Neck Jig, a truss rod wrench and a prayer.

Paul Simonon Enters Fine Arts

from The First Post

Former Clash bassist, Paul Simonon, launched a new art exhibition at the Thomas Williams Gallery in London. Simonon is also working with his newest band The Good, The Bad and The Queen, which will be playing at the Love Music Hate Racism Carnival. This year''s festival marks the 30th anniversary of the original anti-racism concert.
Naked Robot Guitar

Dissecting the Robot Guitar

from Crave

After all the hype behind Gibson''s Robot Guitar, "teardown geek" David Carey decided to take the bad boy apart at this year''s Embedded Systems Conference. Check out the pictures with captions describing the dissection.