Paul McCartney

Electric Guitar Exams In U.S.

from Solanco News

The Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) is starting electric guitar examinations in the United States. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RGT, it is a global membership organization for guitar teachers. But it''s not just any old organization -- you may know some of the members: Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood and David Gilmour.
Nikki Sixx

President Nikki Sixx

from Billboard

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is the new president for Eleven Seven records. The guitarist discussed the recent title in an interview with Billboard. The bassist is not just busy with that -- Motley Crue is expected to release an album this summer.
iTunes Logo

Music Downloading

from Mercury News

Charles Calderon, a Los Angeles-area lawmaker, is proposing a tax on personal property, which would include internet downloaded music, books and videos. Unfortunately, poor Calderon probably hasn''t read the newest research showing that people are not downloading from the internet as much as copying offline. Despite that information, Apple just announced that it has surpassed Wal Mart as the leader in CD sales. We suspect that this tax would be a troubling development for the many musicians today who depend on downloads to get their music out to the public.