Gibson is Hiring!

from Nashville Business Journal

While the rest of the country is facing layoffs, apparently we''re all buying enough guitars that Gibson has to add 200 jobs. Good news for those suffering from both G.A.S. and unemployment, though there''s no word on what the employee discount is.

Iron Maiden Guitar Stolen


In a week that also saw Iggy & the Stooges'' rig disappear, Iron Maiden has lost a special guitar. As incentive for the guitar''s return, Iron Maiden has offered up a signed tour jacket and a personalized letter of thanks. If an Iron Maiden fan stole the guitar as a keepsake, we''re pretty sure a signed jacket is not going to persuade him to return it. Perhaps they -- and Iggy -- should focus on beefing up security.

Guitar Playing World Record

from Canadian News Wire

Looks like someone is already trying to beat the recently set record for longest continuous playing. And if you''re Canadian, you could watch history be made. The attempt will be at the Markham Fair Grounds in Ontario. Another reason to go to the fair grounds? You might see a lemur on somebody''s head, as evidenced by this photo from last year''s Markham Fair.