Yamaha''s Wood Seasoning Proces


Yamaha is employing a new wood seasoning process to impart a vintage tone to brand new instruments. The first instruments are set to be released in June. You can read about the process here.

How Amps Really Work

from Crawdaddy Magazine

It''s a surreal feeling to plug into something and have a dream tone come out. This writer chronicles his experience finding a dream amp in an unconventional package in this sometimes long-winded, but fun to read column. He also speculates that there are fairies in the tubes.

REM Gives the Fans What They Want

from The Canadian Press

It seems sometimes that when bands start playing a certain size venue or sell a particular number of records that they stop listening to fans and blindly follow their "artistic vision" and/or their record label''s suggestions. After an unsatisfying album, REM decided to give the listeners a chance. Thanks!