Toronto, Ontario (April 22, 2008) -- The Tone God is issuing the very funky TubeUlent, a smaller and lighter tube amplifier with the final output configured to operate as a preamp. This allows a player to plug the TubeUlent into any piece of equipment that will accept a standard effect.

The TubeUlent behaves, distorts and sounds like a full-size tube amplifier because the core of the TubeUlent is a tube amplifier. The TubeUlent will distort when driven hard or remain clean at lower volumes while maintaining that warm tube sound. No techniques have been used to artificially create distortion in the tubes; no extra gain stages, artificial clipping techniques or starving voltages. The final output level can be adjusted without causing any changes to the tube response.

According to the company, the advantages of using the TubeUlent as a preamp verses a full size tube amplifier include:

  • Smaller size and lighter weight for a more portable performance rig
  • Rugged construction requires less maintenance and provides higher reliability
  • No major reliance on type or model of final amplifier -- just about any amplifier (tube or solid state) can be used
  • The output power of the final amplifier does not affect the response of the TubeUlent
  • The amplifier can be a headphone, practice or medium-to-high power amp, which facilitates the scaling of the final output volume to suit the situation without affecting tube response
  • Other effects can be used before and/or after the TubeUlent, providing a broader range of tonal possibilities that in some cases would be difficult to do with full size tube amplifiers (i.e. reverb after distortion)

The TubeUlent has a suggested retail price of $599.

For more information:
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