Nashville, TN (May 9, 2008) – Nashville-based gear blog announced today they are commissioning the world’s largest pedalboard to be unveiled at their June 18th Pre-NAMM party. Jaux King, purveyor of the blog, which covers musical instruments and musical accessories, gave few details, but made it clear that the ball is rolling on the event. “We currently have people looking into the idea with Guinness. We have officially applied with them and research is being done to ascertain exactly what resources will be needed to make it happen,” King said.

The idea came to him and fellow blogger and local radio personality Aljon Go while the two were brainstorming for ways to promote the blog. “We were laughing and joking around about it and then began to realize how cool it would be, so we decided to go for it.”

According to King, the general premise will involve local musicians donating the use of their pedalboards for the event. “We’re going to need lots of help on this from Nashville musicians of every genre. Our goal is to make this record stick for years to come,” said King, adding that it would be a great chance for local musicians and Nashville in general to garner some much deserved attention. “The music scene around here is so healthy and vibrant. It would be really gratifying to accomplish something like this with the help of our friends and peers.”

In addition to enlisting help from its musicians, some of Nashville’s very own gear companies are also being tapped to help out. “There are some minor hurdles that we have to overcome, but with the generous help of some of the people and brands that we have in mind, we are supremely confident that we can make this a success.” GearTrap is currently taking submission and sponsorship inquiries through their email:

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