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Thurston Moore’s Anthems for the New World

December 31, 2020
The new album By the Fire, featuring Moore’s 6-string "secret weapon" James Sedwards, unleashes a psychedelic blast of Jazzmaster-fueled positivity.
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Willie Nelson’s First Rose of Spring Might Be the Album We All Need Right Now

June 11, 2020
Brimming with poignant ballads and the indelible sound of his trusty guitar, Trigger, Nelson’s 70th solo album is a milestone the 87-year-old outlaw country legend doesn’t think too much about, because he’s busy planning his next one. But with the world in a state of turmoil, Willie’s warmth and humanity shines extra bright.
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“All Our Records Are Dark, But to Me This One Was Darker.”

February 27, 2020
Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley on their new The Unraveling, and running into Mick Jagger while recording it at the late Sam Phillips' legendary Memphis studio.
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Liam Gallagher Is Making the Most Trenchant Music of His Career

December 13, 2019
Now two solo outings into a phenomenal comeback, Gallagher has moved beyond the well-publicized breakup of Oasis to reclaim his place as one of Britain’s most outspoken, and beloved, rock stars.
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Ty Segall: Shut Up ’n’ Play Yer … Koto?

September 12, 2019
The garage/psych-rocker swaps his 6-strings for Japanese koto, Greek bouzouki, and other exotic instruments on the riff-heavy new album, First Taste.
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Captain Kirk Douglas: Branching Out

July 2, 2019
The Roots guitarist takes a musical turn he’s long hinted at with his heavy-rock solo project, Hundred Watt Heart: a loud, funky power trio of the first order.
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Elliott Sharp’s Inner Ear

March 19, 2019
This legendary New York City-based improvisor and composer believes music can change people’s chemistry. A battery of unconventional guitars, well-chosen effects, and a vocabulary steeped in everything from free-jazz to Fibonacci to old-school blues are the tools of his crusade.
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Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn: Into the Mystic

February 21, 2019
Two exploratory rockers discuss their Philadelphia roots and the magic of collaboration, alternate tunings, old and loved guitars, and the search for transportive vocal and 6-string sounds.
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Wayne Kramer’s Impossible Life in Rock

November 29, 2018
With Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil riding shotgun, the MC5’s leader fronts a worldwide tribute tour for his revolutionary band, pens a no-holds-barred autobiography, and still kicks out the jams like a mother at age 70.
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Joe Bonamassa’s Redemption

October 26, 2018
Once, the blues-rock hero was motivated by anger. Now he’s enjoying a Zen-like balance of his 6-string, singing, and songwriting skills.
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Ry Cooder: American Reverence

May 8, 2018
After more than 50 years of making music, Ry Cooder returns to his roots with The Prodigal Son, a trenchant spiritual quest that shows he’s still fascinated as ever by the deep mystery of how music connects us to one another.
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John Prine’s Souvenirs

March 29, 2018
With a songbook and album featuring his first new material in 13 years, the folk legend shows that even in the autumn of his career, he has plenty more stories to tell.
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Malcolm Young: 1953–2017

November 21, 2017
The riff-savvy heart and soul of AC/DC dies at 64.
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Samantha Fish: From Cowtown to Coldwater

November 21, 2017
With custom T-style and hollowbody axes, this road warrior travels the byways of rock, country, and hard-core Mississippi hill country blues to make a new album, Belle of the West, with Luther Dickinson.
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Tom Petty: 1950–2017

October 4, 2017
Remembering the legendary singer-songwriter, guitarist, rock ’n’ roll rebel, and ambassador of the American spirit.
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Robin Trower: Have a Blast and Let It Rip

September 12, 2017
More than 40 years into his solo career, the 72-year-old rocker continues to pour his heart into every note he plays, as evidenced by his aptly named new album, Time and Emotion.
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Minus the Bear: Dave Knudson & Jake Snider's "Stabby" Ear Candy

June 2, 2017
Inspired by new producer Sam Bell (Bloc Party, Wombats), MTB’s guitar duo explores new sounds and techniques on the band’s tap- and loop-heavy new album, VOIDS.
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Rhys Chatham: Harmonic Convergence

May 25, 2017
Tele twang’s the thang for the influential punk-minimalist composer, who builds shimmering towers of melody with basic chords, just intonation, and overlapping layers of delay. Sometimes with 400 guitars.
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Kristin Hersh: Raw Bones, Dressed in Colors

February 9, 2017
The Throwing Muses cofounder sets her muscular, riff-heavy ninth solo album aflame with ferocious flatpicking and bravura textures.
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Eric Bell’s Northern Light

November 24, 2016
Thin Lizzy’s founding guitarist opens up about the early days, his exit from the band, and his new solo album, Exile.
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