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Jim Lill

Jim Lill

Jim Lill is a professional country musician and writer in Nashville. He tours as a guitarist and pedal-steel player with Josh Thompson and runs a popular YouTube channel featuring guitar videos. He also curates the @GuitarLickADay Instagram account and hosts the Back from the Gig Podcast. For more information, visit



When Do I Use Distortion?

October 21, 2017
Distortion isn’t a bad thing, but there is an epidemic sweeping the nation that you’re not going to hear about on the 6 o’clock news, and it’s a mass dependence on hard-clipped soundwaves.
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Brad Paisley

Play Like Paisley!

September 16, 2017
Here’s how to create ripping pull-off licks, percussive rhythm riffs, and melodic lead lines inspired by one of Nashville’s hottest Tele players.
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Double Trouble

Double Trouble: Make Rhythm Guitar Parts Great Again!

August 5, 2017
Don’t just bash away on open-position chords. Here are 10 ways to make your dual-guitar rhythm parts stand out.
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Twang 101: Nashville Studio Tricks

May 20, 2017
Behind every radio hit is a group of guitarists who've created ear-catching parts. Check out these tips and tricks used by some of Music City’s most in-demand sidemen.
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Keith Urban

Keith Urban’s Country-Rock Wizardry

March 18, 2017
There’s more hiding behind those perfect locks and designer jeans than you’d think. Let’s break down some of the country superstar’s signature techniques.
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Twang 101

Twang 101: Swampy Blues

July 30, 2016
Can you invoke the soulful sound of blues guitar while keeping some country twang on hand?
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