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AXESS Electronics AXSGTR Introduces Its First Effect Pedal

AXESS Electronics AXSGTR Introduces Its First Effect Pedal

Designed to be straightforward, appealing to guitarists looking for a familiar old-school three-knob layout, this transparent clean boost and lower gain pedal is meant to push an already overdriven tube amp.

Adding to the company’s growing line of buffers, patch-boxes, MIDI switching, and utility devices, AXESS Electronics launches its first pedal — the OBViouS Boost/Overdrive — a new option for transparent clean boost and low gain overdrive.

Selfishly designed to get “more” out of a collection of beloved Marshall amplifiers, which when pushed, like many other tube amps, benefit greatly from the pedal’s ability to sculpt and fine-tune, tightened and tailored, bass and treble frequencies for a hot-rodded transparent response.

Features and highlights include:

  • ​Transparent clean boost and low gain overdrive
  • Three knobs to control Level, Gain, and Treble, and two 3-position toggle switches to select the Bass response and Clip characteristics
  • Relay true-bypass switching and a blue LED indicates effect on/off
  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure and laser-engraved acrylic nameplate
  • Pedalboard and SquarePlug-friendly top-mounted input, output, and power jacks
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input (no battery)
  • Hand-crafted in Canada

The OBViouS Boost/Overdrive is designed and built by hand in Canada, and carries a street price of $199usd. It is available at select international dealers and can also be purchased directly at

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OBViouS™ Boost/Overdrive - It’s Only Love

OBViouS Boost/Overdrive

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