Two Courses Announced

Boston, MA (September 7, 2007) – Few things pop on a musician’s resume as much as the name “Berklee." Once limited to career-minded musicians who were able to uproot and move to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, the school''s online continuing education program, Berkleemusic, has changed that. Now musicians around the world can take Berklee courses via their computers.

Berkleemusic’s newest course additions are geared toward bass players: Rock Bass Improvisation and Bass Performance 101.

Rock Bass Improvisation provides the foundation and vocabulary necessary to construct and improvise bass lines in a variety of rock and blues styles. The course starts with 12-bar blues and major/minor pentatonic scales. Students learn how to affect and contribute to a song rhythmically, harmonically and melodically through practice lessons covering phrasing, feel and improvisation. The courses teach Berklee’s bass method to Rock, Blues Rock, Delta, Chicago and Texas blues, as well as more advanced techniques like playing in odd time signatures, modal bass lines and the open "jam style." Bassists Geddy Lee, Jack Bruce, Paul McCartney, and Chris Squire are studied.

Bass Performance 101 teaches students to create and perform unique bass lines in a variety of different styles. The course focuses on four key areas of performance: time, tonality, timbre, and taste. Students learn how to use theory to generate ideas that can be applied to these areas of performance.

Students also study the techniques and unique playing styles of bass masters across many different genres, including Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Carol Kaye, James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, Pino Palladino, Paul Chambers, Dave Holland, Stanley Clarke, Ray Brown and Charles Mingus. Additional study topics include pentatonic, blues, major, and minor scales; diatonic harmony; ostinato bass lines; groove and time feel; and compositional techniques, such as tritones, pedal points, and double stops.

Berkleemusic''s fall term begins October 1. The courses cost $795 for non-credit and $995 for accreditation within Berkleemusic’s certificate programs.

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