Bourgeois Introduces Very Vintage Mahogany Acoustic

Bourgeois'' new Very Vintage Mahogany is built with traditional materials and methods for a vintage feel

Lewiston, ME (March 4, 2009) -- The Bourgeois Very Vintage Mahogany pays homage to an earlier era of American guitarmaking. The guitar is designed with traditional materials; an Adirondack "red" spruce top, Adirondack braces, genuine Honduran mahogany back, sides and neck and also features hot organic hide glue construction with an oil varnish finish.

According to Dana Bourgeois: "The closest thing to the sound of a 70 year old nitrocellulose lacquer finish isn’t a new lacquer finish, but a thin oil varnish finish. Properly applied, oil varnish smooths out the “jangly” sound of a new guitar in much the same way that lots of playing seems to accomplish." This gives the Very Vintage Mahogany the sound and feel of considerable playing mileage. Additionally, oil varnish imparts a deep amber hue to the natural colors of the woods, evoking the look as well as the sound of a vintage-era guitar.

Additional features include ebony bindings, Mammoth ivory nut, ebony bridge and end pins and oval nickel Waverly tuners. Standard string spacing includes a 1 ¾” nut and 2 5/16” spacing at the bridge. Like all Bourgeois guitars, the Very Vintage Mahogany is individually hand voiced by Dana.

To enhance the quickness of the response, Bourgeois Guitars pays particular attention to the weight of the guitar with a focused effort to make it as light-weight as possible. List price: $5895

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