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Environmentally-Friendly Flaxwood Adds Jazz, MIDI, and Mini-Humbucker Models

Flaxwood''s proprietary molded wood technology expands to three new models

Newburyport, MA (January 6, 2008) -- If you're not familiar with Flaxwood, the company is making a big splash in the market with environmentally-friendly guitars made of molded wood material that captures the warmth and resonance of traditional hardwoods.

Rautia, from Flaxwood's 2008 line
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Already recognized by pros like Phil Palmer, David Carr, George Marinelli, Buggs Henderson and James Burton, the guitars have been lauded for their ability to bridge the gap between the benefits of non-wood instruments (stability in varying environmental conditions, sustainable production processes) and the playability of real wood.

The company has announced three new models for NAMM designed to broaden their appeal:
  • The "CC custom" limited edition mounts a proprietary Charlie Christian-type pickup to appeal to jazz players.
  • The MIDI'ed Flaxwood, brings Flaxwood's strong resonance and quick response into the digital realm.
  • A mini-humbucker model captures that somewhat soapbarish tone, but without the hum.
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