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Fake Gibsons Seized, Seller Arrested

Fake Gibsons Seized, Seller Arrested

Seller charged with trademark counterfeiting

Oakdale, New York (September 18, 2007) – A music store owner is in trouble for selling fake Gibsons. 44-year old Bernard Musumeci was arrested after Suffolk County investigators seized 15 counterfeit guitars from his Long Island store, Oakdale Music. The store had been under investigation for two months. The guitars were convincing upon first glance (see detailed headstock below). A representative from Gibson flew from Nashville to inspect the guitars and determine they were fakes.

Musumeci was charged with 2nd Degree Trademark Counterfeiting and released on bail. He turned in an additional 18 guitars from his home. Those guitars will also be examined by the Gibson representative. Musumeci claims he did not knowingly sell Gibson knock-offs. He says he bought off eBay.

Among the seized guitars were several Gibson Les Pauls, a Gibson SG, a Gibson SG doubleneck, a Gibson ES-335, an Epiphone bass and an Epiphone LP Junior.

Calls to Bernard Musumeci were not returned.

Suffolk County Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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