The new pedal features FET discrete amplification and a 3-band equalizer.

Brewerton, NY (May 19, 2010) -- FEA Labs announces the Opti-FET Compressor. The name of this new pedal comes from its design which utilizes optical elements for compression dynamics and FET discrete amplification in the audio path. The Opti-FET also employs a user selectable side-chain control circuit with an onboard 3-band equalizer and a loop for additional control options.

The wide adjustable compression ratio allows the musician to apply any amount of compression to the signal from very light at 1.5:1 to heavy at 20:1 for generous sustain.

The pedal features a selectable equalizer along with an external loop to the side-chain control circuit. The 3-band equalizer allows you to tailor the frequencies upon which to apply more or less compression to the audio signal. The loop feature is provided so you can use an external graphic equalizer or other outboard processors.

  • Small footprint – 4.5” by 3.5”
  • Threshold, ratio, attack, release and gain controls
  • COMP LED to indicate when the threshold has been reached
  • ACTIVATE foot switch to place the compressor unit in the signal chain or in Direct Bypass mode
  • ACTIVE LED to indicate when the pedal is engaged
  • EQ & LOOP foot switch to enable the three band equalizer controls for the side-chain control circuit and the external loop feature
  • Loop send and return jacks for placing external processors or EQs in the compressor side-chain control circuit, when the EQ & LOOP switch is engaged
  • SIDE-CHAIN EQ & LOOP LED indicator to identify when the equalizer and external loop features are active
  • Minimal components in the signal path to maintain the utmost signal quality
  • onboard voltage charge pump allows the circuitry to operate at 18volts (+9 and –9 volt rails) from a single 9-volt battery or AC power adapter of 9 volts or greater
  • onboard power supply can accommodate power adapter voltages up to 25 volts DC with protection from reversed polarit
  • MSRP: $245.00
For more information:
FEA Labs

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