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Finding That Tone Launches the Ambar Dual Overdrive

Finding That Tone Launches the Ambar Dual Overdrive

Based on the legendary Klon and TS10 circuits, the pedal is designed to provide more versatility and more tones, but without losing the essence and soul of the originals.

The Ámbar’s Green side allows you to have those classic creamy midrange tones of a tube screamer, but at the same time, you can make them more adaptable to different situations thanks to the presence knob. The Green side’s character can also be modified with a dedicated two-position Open/Stock switch.

The pedal’s Amber side fattens your tone when you set it as a booster (tons of headroom and tons of output) and provides powerful, punchy overdrive when you turn up the gain. It has also been upgraded to incorporate a Bass control knob, which allows you to attenuate or increase, if you wish, the characteristic low-mid frequencies of the klon.

When you activate both sides it’s a killer combination! You can choose your preferred stacking order with a two-position selector switch.

Ámbar offers the following features:

  • Double pedal: Green side (based on TS10) and Amber side (based on Klon)
  • NOS diodes (both 2 sides: Toshiba silicon diodes for the green side, germaniumRussian diodes for the amber side)
  • Central switch to change the stacking order TS10>Klon or Klon>TS10
  • Silent relay-based soft switching
  • True bypass
  • 9v standard DC
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Black faceplate, powder coating painting, and UV silkscreen printing. Available in several colors (Vintage white, Matte black, Shell pink, and Sonic blue).

The Ámbar Dual Overdrive carries a street price of $227 (€210) and can be purchased directly from or through Finding That Tone official store at

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