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Gibson USA Relaunches Raw Power Series

Gibson revitalizes the Raw Power Series which that ran from 2000-2001 with introduction of two models.

Nashville, TN (April 1, 2009) -- Hopefully this isn't a April Fools joke on Gibson's part--they announced today that production resumes of the Raw Power Series. Originally ran from 2000-2001 with a limited run of Raw Power Les Paul models, Gibson is reintroducing the series to masses with the unveiling of two different models; the Les Paul Studio and the SG. Both models are true to their legendary body styles, but are equipped with a stripped-down, no-frills physical demeanor. However, Gibson did add a few simplistic tricks to the Raw Power Series to bring the theme into 2009.

The Les Paul Studio Raw Power and SG Raw Power feature unbound solid maple bodies, with a traditional carved top on the former. The sturdy tonewood is said to offer a clear, well-defined sonic response, as well as looking great with minimal cosmetic treatment. Both models come with solid mahogany necks are topped with unbound maple fretboards, dressed with simple dot position markers, and graced with a traditional trapezoid marker at the 12th fret. But don't let the simplicity and lack of over-the-top ornamentation discount these Gibsons as second-rate rock 'n' roll axes.

Both models come equipped with a pair of '57 Classic humbucking pickups which offer a broad appeal for a wide range of playing styles. The '57, said to be one of Gibson’s most popular pickups of all time, employs Alnico II magnets, vintage enamel coated wire, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers and vintage-style, two-conductor, braided wiring - just like the legendary PAFs that they are based on. In a variation from the original PAFs, their coils are wax potted to combat microphony and feedback squeal at high volumes--so while vintage-voiced, they are also suited to high-gain shredding. On top of that, both include a Gibson Tune-O-Matic bridge, green-key Grover Kluson-style tuners, a Corian nut, a glued-in 24 3/4" scale neck with a neck width of 1 11/16" at the nut. While the SG Raw Power comes with 24 frets, the LP Studio Raw Power has only 22 frets.A natural satin finish denotes the cornerstone of the series (with a smoky acrylic pickguard), but both models are also available in a range of finish options, including satin gold, satin yellow, satin white, satin blue/platinum, satin trans ebony, satin aquamarine, and gloss platinum. Furthermore, the Les Paul Studio Raw Power is available in either chrome or gold-plated hardware.

Gibson hasn't released any information regarding availability, price ranges or when the first Raw Power models will be shipped.

For more information, visit Gibson.