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gig-fx launches the VOD

gig-fx launches the VOD

First variable OverDrive pedal

Wellesley, MA (November 8, 2007) - The new VOD by gig-fx features a three-position switch in the pedal mechanism that allows it to achieve three distinct levels of distortion: a clean boost, siginificant drive and edge, and true grit for power chords, hammer-on shredding and wailing solos.

The VOD allows the musician to step on the pedal to achieve three different levels with ease. Each level can be pre-set to give the exact amount of gain and distortion required. Three LEDs indicate precisely which sound has been selected and a notched pedal mechanism lets the musician feel when each level has been achieved. In addition, the VOD features a powerful three-band EQ to allow the musician to select the tone of the distortion to an individual taste or preserve the natural tone of the instrument.

With the pedal all the way back, the VOD is bypassed with a true analog signal path that allows all frequencies and harmonics to pass in the same way a mechanical switch would do. The integrity of the original signal and harmonics are preserved.

Press the pedal down to the first position and the first level of gain and distortion is selected. This can be pre-set to provide some clean gain or edge drive. The green LED lights up to confirm this is the first level.

Downshift the pedal and it ratchets into its second position to select another adjustable pre-set level of gain and distortion with more edge and drive. The amber LED lights up and the guitar begins to sing with a sweet and warm overdrive surpassing even the best overdrive pedals on the market.

Press the pedal to the metal and the sweet and warm overdrive becomes a fat and dynamic distortion suitable for powerful chords, shredding, screaming solos and crashing crescendos. The red LED lights up to signify reaching this level.

The EQ can be adjusted to provide your choice of a treble cut/boost, or mid cut/boost, or and bass cut/boost, so that the exact tone of your instrument is preserved or enhanced as per your choosing. Please note, most distortion pedals can not preserve the tone of your original signal because there is usually some loss of bass or other part of the signal. The VOD can provide exactly the tone you are looking for.

At any time the musician can revert to a by-passed sound by bringing the pedal all the way back to the off position.

All gig-fx pedals are housed in road-tested, lightweight aircraft aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape and are manufactured to the highest standards.

MSRP: $249.99
Estimated street price: $175

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