A guitar for the single coil obsessed

Montreal, Canada (December 18, 2007) – Another cool pre-NAMM sneak peak to pass along… this time it includes a video, too. Godin Guitars, the Canadian luthiers who bring you Godin, Seagull, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, Norman and LaPatrie guitars, will be rolling out several new products at NAMM this coming January. One of them is the new Passion series RG-3 guitar, a single coil lover’s dream. It combines chambered body technology with a custom single coil pickup to produce searing tones that can cover everything from twangy country to full-blown shred.

Godin has a sneak peek video you can download on their website. You’ll be surprised how much these guitars sing while unplugged. Despite their traditional solidbody look, there are actually five tuned chambers in the body, giving the guitar unexpected acoustic properties.

Other new products to look for from Godin:

  • The Godin Summit – a 24 ¾” scale Signature Series rocker with a high flame maple top, mahogany body, SD pickups and special Godin electronics
  • Godin 5th Avenue and Multiac Spectrum SA – The 5th Avenue is Godin’s first acoustic archtop jazz guitar. The Multiac’s latest model is a steel string with a lipstick pickup in the neck and 13-pin capabilities for computer and synth access
  • Godin LG and Redline1 – Keep an eye out for a new look in the Godin LG line and the Redline1
  • Seagull 25th Anniversary Guitars – Two limited edition models are in the works, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Seagull guitars

For more information about Godin guitars:


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