Drop your linen and start your grinning; it is truly time to tone up and throw down, festival style! The Premier Guitar Festival – Boston takes over September 15th and

Drop your linen and start your grinning; it is truly time to tone up and throw down, festival style! The Premier Guitar Festival – Boston takes over September 15th and 16th at the Bayside Expo Center. Throw down the pom-poms and get in the game, gearheads.

Premier Guitar Festivals aspires to significantly raise the bar of the traditional guitar festival concept to a level that the industry has never before experienced. Beyond a guitar show, beyond a music fest, and beyond an instructional seminar, Premier Guitar Festivals will offer all of these things, but our main objective is sharing the passion, and meeting for the experience. Premier Guitar Festivals will be the ultimate celebration of tone.

What can you expect from Premier Guitar Festivals? For starters, the best time you have ever experienced – with your clothes on! You will see the best of the best gear, from the latest, cutting edge products to investment-grade vintage instruments. Product demonstrations and instructional clinics will be taking place every hour, including the “Tone Chamber,” where you can get up front and personal with the latest manufacturers’ products. Witness the most talented players in the world, including Robben Ford, Peter Stroud, Johnny A., Monte Montgomery, Brad Carlton, Marc Schonbrun, Muriel Anderson, Stu Hamm, Jeff Scheetz, David Hamburger, Mimi Fox, Duke Robillard, J. Geils, Jeff McErlain, Trey Alexander, Gerry Beaudoin and Bruce Arnold. These artists will be covering all playing techniques and musical styles, plus offering a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with our featured artist meet and greets.

And if that isn’t enough, tap into the festival’s workshops and clinics. Bring your guitar along and jam with our instructors – from Rock Solid to Bluesology, it will all be here. Find yourself face to face with the industry’s premier instructors, working with you step-by-step to assist in your tone up and throw down exercises.

Register to win an entire smorgasbord of gear: guitars, amps, pedals, maybe even free beer! Find out more at grabyourguitar.com

And this is only the beginning! Premier Guitar Festivals are coming to a city near you; check us out at premierguitarfestivals.com to see when we will be in your neighborhood to rock your face off. Life is short, play hard. Share the passion, meet for the experience

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Rig Rundown: Wolf Alice's Joff Oddie

Joff Oddie shows PG his own Jag-Master creation and then plasters it with pedals bending (and distorting) space and time.

Listening to the tidal wave in “Giant Peach,” the riotous “Moaning Lisa Smile,” or the punked-up “Play the Greatest Hits,” it’s hard to imagine Wolf Alice as an acoustic duo. Then talk to Joff Oddie about his integral use of effects—“These pedals can do such crazy things; to not do crazy things with things that can do crazy things seems odd”—and the band’s origin story becomes even more improbable. But it’s true: Wolf Alice started with guitarist/singer Ellie Rowsell and guitarist Oddie playing acoustic-folk music during open-mic nights in North London pubs.

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