Handmade Music Salon to Feature DIY Gear at Solid State Festival

In an age of shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf music technology, a handful of inventors will introduce their own DIY creations for making noise.

New York City, NY (June 21, 2011) -- Create Digital Music.com, a blog and community for people making music with technology and Moog Music, an American Instrument manufacturer, will be holding a Handmade Music Salon as part of Wilco’s Solid State Music Festival at MASS MOCA in North Adams, Massachusetts on July 25 - 26, 2011. In an age of shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf music technology, a handful of inventors will introduce their own DIY creations for making noise. These custom instruments are buildable, modifiable, hackable — but also playable. Meet some of the leading makers in the field, see their creations up close, and hear music made on a new generation of open, original musical inventions. A panel discussion moderated by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music will feature each presenter take place at MASS MOCA on Saturday June 25 at 1pm.

The event is being sponsored by Moog Music. Cyril Lance, Moog Music Chief Engineer will be presenting the prototype for a new Moog instrument, as well as the current line up of the Moog's handcrafted analog synthesizers and effects.

The Handmade Music Salon participants include:

$0Peter Edwards, casperelectronic -- A brand new analog sound and light super synth from a master of circuit building and bending.

Todd Bailey, Where’s the Party At 2 -- The debut of a new open source, 8-bit sampler, in the spirit of lo-fi samplers employed in early hip hop.

Peter Kirn, MeeBlip and createdigitalmusic.com -- A hackable, affordable, open source synthesizer with MIDI anyone can use, backed by a growing community of hundreds of synthesists, new and expert.

Jeff Snyder, Snyderelectronics -- Sophisticated multi-touch homebrewed instruments for futuristic Bluegrass music and alternative tunings.

Brian and Leon Dewan, Dewanatron -- Part sculpture, part solid-state instruments, original analog creations. Recently featured by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross in the Social Network soundtrack.

Travis Thatcher, Voice of Saturn -- Original synthesizers and sound and performance control creations, as produced for a variety of music including Animal Collective.

Critter and Guitari -- From pocket pianos to video synthesizers, new electronic designs are portable works of art.

Ranjit Bhatnagar -- The 8-bit violin is an acoustic violin for a digital age, cut from plywood by a laser-cutter but playable as a conventional violin.

Lara and Sarah Grant -- Felted Signal Processing is an arts and research project focused on soft interface design and sensor development (fsp.fm)

0Josh Silverman -- Synplode is an interactive, rhythmic dance floor pulsing with light and sound.

For more information:
Solid Sound Festival
Create Digital Music
Moog Music

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