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Heritage Guitar in Negotiations to be Sold

Possible Deal in the Works

Kalamazoo, MI (September 3, 2007) - Heritage Guitar Incorporated, the Kalamazoo guitar company that emerged after Gibson relocated to Nashville, has halted operations and is in negotiations to be sold, according to a published report.

The Kalamazoo Gazette confirmed the pending deal with a yet-to-be named company citing Marvin Lamb, one of Heritage’s four co-owners. The paper''s online report quoted Lamb as saying the company would remain in Kalamazoo and that further details would be known in a few days.

On Labor Day, Heritage ran the following statement on its website:

“Regarding the recent statement about Heritage Guitars. Heritage has not closed its doors indefinitely. During the last week there have been many meetings to deal with how to structure the company to deal with its large amount of backorders. During the period these meetings are taking place, we have turned on our answering machine.”

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Some background information: Gibson Guitar Corporation moved all of its production to Nashville in 1984, closing the doors on its Kalamazoo operations and taking many employees to Tennessee. According to Heritage, a handful who treasure Kalamazoo to the point of staying behind ended up starting their own guitar company, capitalizing on their decades of experience building quality guitars. They operate out of an old Gibson building at 225 Parsons Street.

Heritage has made a variety of stringed instruments over the years but currently makes hollow body, semi-hollow body and solid body guitars.

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