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Jet City Amplification Debuts First Amps

Jet City Amplification Debuts First Amps

Jet City is working with Mike Soldano for affordable all-tube amps

Seattle, WA (October 7, 2009) - Jet City Amplification today announced the release of the all-new “design by Soldano” lineup of all-tube guitar amplifiers. Featuring simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing the new line-up launched worldwide in September.

“Our keep-it-simple approach to tube amp design speaks for itself”, said Michael Soldano, co-founder of the new Seattle-based company. "These new Jet City amps offer my classic Soldano tones at a killer price - I'm proud to put my name right on the front."

“At just $299 (estimated US Street Price) our JCA20H, 20 watt all-tube class A/B head, has the tone, good looks and rugged construction you would expect to find in an amplifier far more expensive”, said Dan Gallagher, Co-President.

All amplifiers and extension cabinets in the ‘design by Soldano’ series feature rugged multi-ply hardwood cabinetry, 16-gauge steel chassis, custom transformers, and 2-oz copper traces on thick PCBs for durable, roadworthy performance. The company has also formed strategic alliances with other prominent designers and will launch several new products in 2010 as a result.

Products shipping in Q4 2009:

JCA20H 20 watt all-tube head
JCA100H 100 watt 2-channel all-tube head
JCA2112RC 20 watt combo with reverb and 1x12” Jet City Custom Eminence driver
JCA12S 1x12” extension cabinet with Jet City Custom Eminence driver
JCA24S 2x12” extension cabinet with Jet City Eminence drivers
JCA48S 4x12” extension cabinet with Eminence drivers

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