Kasha Amps Unveils Quikmod Mini for Tube Amps

The new Quickmod mini makes using Kasha''s Quickmod technology even easier.

Los Angeles, CA (January 9, 2009) – Kasha Amplifiers has unveiled a quick, safe and simple device that now allows guitar players to instantly modify their tube amplifiers. The Quickmod mini is the next evolutionary step from Kasha's original Legacy Quickmod, a small booster tube pre-amp that plugs in place of the first tube (12AX7) in most tube guitar amps. The Legacy provides players an external device acting as a single channel preamp plugged into the V1 socket. Now the Quickmod mini takes this concept into an easily customized internal device. Available in three different models, The Quickmod mini will allow the guitar player to tailor their amplifier to their own desires:
The Master Volume Quickmod mini brings a whole new dimension to the guitar amplifier as the player is now able to add a master volume or even a second master volume to amps that would have needed a technician to modify it and possibly change the aesthetics. This solves many problems for guitarists who would have to purchase a load box to the amp just to bring the volume to a reasonable playing level. The master volume feature delivers a cleaner signal to the power amp without sounding muddy.
The Gain/Boost Quickmod mini will now provide guitar players the gain/boost they’ve always needed when playing through a single channel amp. Simply remove the preamp tube from the V1 socket and replace it with the Quickmod mini. With the optional footswitch, the guitar player can easily turn on and off the gain/boost QM while performing live on stage.
The Line-In Quickmod mini replaces the preamp tube in the V3 position allowing the musician to add modeling pedals, preamps and other devices that need to be plugged directly to a power amp. The Line-In also comes in a switching model that can switch between the original amp sounds and the external device.
Adding the patented technology of the Quickmod mini is faster than changing a string and as easy as replacing a tube. In fact, that’s all that needs to be done. Simply remove the appropriate tube and insert the Quickmod Mini. The device brings new life and tones to the player’s arsenal and works perfect with amplifiers made by Marshall, Vox and Fender. The Quickmod mini will work with the majority of other tube amplifiers and a complete list will be available soon.

“I was looking to get my Marshall classic JCM800 modified since the tone was thin and brittle. I was working with artist Phil X and he turned me on to Kasha Amplifiers that had a device that could instantly modify my amp without taking it in to a technician. It took a couple minutes to install and I was amazed how thick my tone was with tons of sustain. I work with the music industries top artists and would recommend using it to any pro guitarist”, Mike Plotnikoff, engineer at Bay 7 Studio. Mike ’s engineering credits include Daughtry, All American Rejects, Buckcherry and Three Days Grace, just to name a few.

"Kasha has totally turned my world around. Now with the Kasha Quickmod minis, I can mod any amp in my arsenal in two minutes, leaving the amp in its original condition. I can use my old Plexi and have a master volume or add a little more gain with these mini mods and switch them off and on for solos with footswitches. I've been dreaming of that my whole life. So when people ask me what they can do to boost their solos on their old Marshalls I have only one answer: a Quickmod mini. John Kasha is an American hero, period" stated Phil X of Powder, The Drills and studio guitarist for Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Gavin Degraw and tons more.

All Quickmod minis will be available for shipping in March and will retail starting at $99.

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