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Introducing the Orion 45

Introducing the Orion 45

A lunchbox-style guitar amplifier that packs a punch with 4.2 channels and 45W of power.

The Orion features Clean, Crunch, and two lead channels, each with its own independent controls for Gain, Level, and Bright. This allows guitarists to create a wide range of sounds, from crystal clean to heavy distortion, and everything in between. The amplifier also features a built-in effects loop, with automatic switching in/out with the loop assignment switches on each channel.

Borrowing from the wildly successful KSR PA50, the Orion is KSR’s first head to include an NFB control (negative feedback) allowing the guitarist to dial in the perfect power amp response style. Coupled with nearly any octal power tube, a global Master Volume, and Top/Bottom (presence/resonance) controls, the power section of the Orion is extremely versatile, especially for an amp of its size.

"We're thrilled to introduce the Orion 45," said Kyle Rhodes of KSR Amplification. "This amplifier is the culmination of all my years designing gear, and in my opinion, is the perfect combination of power, versatility, and portability. We believe it will be a game-changer in the tube guitar amplifier market."

Like all KSR products, the Orion is manufactured entirely in KSR’s Cincinnati-based facility, with a rugged metal chassis, custom transformers, and high-quality components. And, with custom color, knob, and tube options, guitarists can personalize their amplifier to a level outside of the traditional consumer market.

Starting at $1799, the Orion 45 is now available to order from KSR directly and authorized dealers worldwide.

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Orion Demo - Cognizant by Widowmaker Josh