KxK unveils the brand new K.K Downing signature model. KxK has delivered a guitar that satisfies the needs of the iconic Judas Priest guitarist.

San Diego, CA (March 24, 2009) -- KxK Guitars is proud to unveil the brand new K.K. Downing signature guitar model. With years of R&D refinement, KxK has delivered a guitar that satisfies the needs of one of metal's most iconic guitarists. The original two were in K.K.'s hands just in time for the Judas Priest 2008 world tour and now they are available to players and fans in a limited quantity.

All KxK guitars are neck-thru guitars built exclusively in the United States using only top shelf components and craftsmanship.

* 3 Piece Maple neck
* Mahogany body
* Scalloped Maple or Ebony fretboard
* K inlays
* 4.75" scale
* Floyd Rose Speedloader Chrome
* EMG 81/85
* 1 Volume Push/Pull switch for
* Pickup selection
* Dunlop flush mount strap locks
* 24 Dunlop 6120 frets
* Kluson vintage tuners (tuners are for visuals only)
* Battery Box
* Dual carbon fiber rods
* Dual action truss rod
* Available with or without the K.K. Downing pearl body logo
* Each guitar is numbered in order
*Finish options are: Lightning White, Diablo Red, or Black
* G&G hard shell case included

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