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Larry Carlton Offers Intimate Glimpse

Jazz Great Shows Chops at Gibson Masterclass

Montreux, Switzerland. (July 18, 2007) - The buzz at this year''s Montreux Jazz Festival centers around a workshop presented by "Mr. 335" himself, Larry Carlton. In celebration of the legendary festival''s 41st anniversary, he presented a special Gibson Masterclass at the Petit Palais, offering unique a glimpse into his playing style. Larry also performed to sold out crowds on the Miles Davis stage, beefing up a line-up of the world''s top performers in a range of musical genres.

Montreux, the city where the world-famous jazz festival takes place, is one of the most important cities in music history. In1971 a band called Deep Purple visited the city to record their album "Machine Head." During their stay, the casino in Montreux burned down, inspiring the band to write "Smoke on the Water," which, of course, contains perhaps the most played and recognized guitar riff ever.

Pair that significance with the legendary jazz and blues licks Larry Carlton has been recording and playing for three decades and you''ll get a feel for the diverse appreciation of Montreux Festival goers, the famous fans who are known for putting the event at the top of performing artists'' lists of dream gigs. As usual, this year''s lineup features the top names in jazz, rock and a number of other genres. The festival wraps up July 21st.

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