The Muse guitarist''s latest signature model is inspired by his aluminum-top DeLorean guitar with built-in Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and MXR Phase 90

Exeter, UK (November 2, 2010) -- Muse guitarist Matt Bellamy and Manson Guitars have teamed up to create the latest model in his line of signature guitars. The DL-1 is an aluminum-top guitar inspired by the guitarist's "DeLorean" guitar and will be available with or without built-in effects.

For both Mathew Bellamy and luthier Hugh Manson, this truly is a trip back to the future as the release of the DL-1 is a celebration of the very first Manson/Bellamy creation that departed massively from virtually any guitar on the market and showed the path Manson Guitars would take in interpreting and creating the sonic visions of the then 22-year-old guitarist. The original design, based upon Matt and Hugh’s sketches and drawings not only had a striking shape and finish (being aluminum clad) it also hinted at future models with its unique incorporation of guitar effects into the body. In its original incarnation, it sported an internal Z.Vex Fuzz Factory pedal, MXR Phase 90, Roland GK synth access pickup system, piezo saddles, humbucker and P-90 pickup combination.

The new DL-1 model sports a solid, raw finish aluminum top over an alder body with aluminum backplates, P-90/humbucker pickup configuration and options of MXR Phase 90 and Fuzz Factory internal effects. In keeping with the policy of making every Manson/Bellamy Signature something very rare and very special, the first DL-1 run will be once again be limited to just 25 pieces, crafted in the UK using the finest materials and components and come with a unique, original, signed (not printed) certificate.

This product is available exclusively from Manson’s Guitar Shop Exeter Devon with delivery of the first release, Model DL-1, due 2011.

Alder Body
Aluminum Unlacquered Front
Aluminum Backplates
Birds Eye Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
MBK-2 or optional MBK-3 Bridge Humbucker
Custom Manson P-90 Neck Pickup
Fixed Bridge
Gotoh 510 Machine Heads
Kill Switch
Volume, Tone
3 Way Pick Up Selector Switch
Manson Deluxe Hard Case
Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Modified Internal Z-Vex Fuzz Factory With Adjustable Trim Pots And Dual Exterior Controls (DL-1F and DL-1FP)
Internal MXR Phase 90 (DL-1FP)

DL-1 Standard £2999
DL-1F (Internal Z-Vex Fuzz Factory) £3299
DL-1 FP (Internal Z-Vex Fuzz Factory And Internal MXR Phase 90) £3599
Optional Manson Custom Hardware DL-1 (£250) DL-1F/DL-1FP (£275)

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