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Martin to Release LXM "Tres"

Martin adds the "Tres" guitar to the LXM line.

Nelson Gonzales with the "Tres"
Nazereth, PA (December 16, 2008) -- Tres means "three" in Spanish, and one of the most popular Latino instruments carries that same name. The Tres is an instrument that has six strings arranged in three pairs that are typically tuned to an open chord, making this unique Little Martin "Tres" both easy and fun to play. We first became familiar with the Tres instrument through Nelson Gonzalez, a triple Grammy-award winning Tres player who has recorded with the likes of Paul Simon and Gloria Estefan. After experimenting with various neck widths and bridge spacings, it seemed that a 4-string tenor guitar neck was ideal for the Little Martin "Tres."

Martin introduced the LXM Tenor in January of 2008. The company is now excited to introduce this unique LXM "Tres" guitar to the traditional

The Martin LXM "Tres"
Spanish and Latin music community. The LXM "Tres" can also be strung in many different configurations, including mountain dulcimer tuning, making its musical potential quite limitless!

LXM “Tres” Tuning
Bass to Treble:
.0115" Octave g
.024" Low G

.014" c in Unison
.014" c in Unison

.024" Low E (Alternate F)
.0115" Octave e (Alternate f)

For more information:
C.F. Martin & Co.