Matchless Brings the Hotbox Back

Tube Preamp ideal for tricking out amps or recording directly

Los Angeles, CA (June 5, 2008) - The Matchless Hot Box Classic is now shipping. The active two-channel tube preamp is driven by two 12AX7''s and is hand-wired (point-to-point) in classic Matchless fashion. It is housed in a heavy duty, polished, stainless steel enclosure complete with the company''s signature back-lit logo and control panel. It uses the same top-quality components as Matchless amps right down to the custom hand-wound transformer.

The Matchless Hot Box Classic can help you improve the tone of any amp (tube or solid state). In other words, your favorite amp can be tweaked to your unique liking. In live settings, recording studios (directly into the console!), the green room or your bedroom, the Hot Box Classic is an easy way to take your tone to another level.

Channel one is clean and crisp but is also capable of producing an overdriven sound. Channel two features gain, bass, treble, and output-level knobs. Similar to the EQ circuit of the C-30 series, the bass and treble controls are highly touch responsive. Surprisingly, channel two can be eq’d to be rich and robust.

Matchless Hot Box Classic
MSRP:  $499

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Matchless Hot Box Classic