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Morley Quad Box Review

The Morely Quad Box is a capable amp switcher with some shortcomings.

Morley seems intent on making the world an easier place to use multiple amp and guitar rigs, offering four pedals in their “Routing” series which includes the Quad Box. The Quad Box offers multiple switching options via two on/off footswitches for Amp 1 and 2, another footswitch for selecting Input 1 or 2 and a 9V input to power the status LEDs – the true bypass switches work fine with no power, providing you trust your ears.

Plugging two axes into two amps was straightforward enough and the pedal powered up just fine with a standard BOSS 9V adapter. The true bypass design allowed for some signal loading, but nothing considered a deal breaker. Remember, even with short lengths, you’re likely dealing with at least 40 feet of cable, offering plenty of opportunity for some high-end loss.

The switching system offers on/off for each amp, both on or both off, but no easy option for quick switching from one amp to the other, although people with wide feet can hit both switches at the same time. The either/or switching option for the input is perfectly functional, but there is no option for effects to be shared by both inputs or outputs. The Quad Box limits pedal choices to one guitar or the other or one amp or the other, set up independently of the switcher.

Another gripe was noise – if your current rig is noisy, the Quad just brings more beer to the party. [Morley responds: Hooking multiple amps together via any switching device can commonly create a ground loop. This is a byproduct of the combined amp grounds, not the switching device. Ground hum can be removed using an Ebtech Hum X.] The hum was badenough that I installed a 9V after a hard-won battle prying the powder- coated case apart. Someone at Morley must’ve had a battery fall out of a vintage Clyde McCoy wah because battery access was needlessly difficult. And no, the hum didn’t lessen with internal power – it was still my dragon to chase. Provided the Quad Box suits your specific switching needs – and you have your ground issues sorted – you really can’t go wrong for the price.


MSRP $139 - Morley Pedals -

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