Summer NAMM attendees will get a first look at MXL''s newest products, including the R77 Classic Ribbon mic and the V89 condenser

El Segundo, CA (July 9, 2009) -- MXL Microphones will showcase several new products at Summer NAMM, including the R77, V89, R77L, V67 series and R144.

The MXL R77 is reminiscent of RCA ribbon mics of the 1930s with a classic body design with gold and chrome metal finish, but with the latest audio technologies. MXL will also introduce the R77L, a limited-edition that includes a Swedish Lundahl transformer.

Also on display, will be their new R144, a high quality ribbon mic targeted to price-conscious musicians.

V89: $599.00 
R77: $599.95
R77L $699.95
R144 $159.95

For more info, visit

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