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New from NAMM: Vox Guitars and Amps

Vox unveils two new guitars, plus the Heritage Collection welcomes the iconic AC30.

Anaheim, CA (January 28, 2008) -- Vox made a big splash at NAMM with the announcemnt of their new Joe Satriani pedals, which will be available this summer. Also, check out other new gear from Vox:

AC30 Heritage Collection Amps

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To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of VOX Amplification (1957-2007), the company launched the Heritage Collection of handwired amplifiers. VOX has now expanded the series with handwired editions of one of the most revered VOX amplifiers ever – the AC30. New models include the AC30H2 combo and AC30HH head (with matching V212H cabinet). For a limited time, VOX is also offering the AC30H2L Limited Edition combo featuring a superbly crafted oiled mahogany cabinet and the same handwired electronics as the AC30H2 combo.

At the heart of these amps is an EF86 Pentode valve circuit (circa 1960) in the preamp channel combined with the 1963 Top Boost channel, which are then coupled with VOX’s modern tone shaping control enhancements. The result is an amplifier that provides natural overdrive, creamy distortion and a palette of tonal colors that are among the finest ever offered by VOX. Aesthetically, the amplifier features the VOX pre-1960 logo placement and Baltic Birch cabinet with a special vintage inspired cream anniversary vinyl covering (oiled mahogany cabinet for limited edition model).

These 30 Watt amps feature two channels (Ch 1-EF86, Ch 2-Top Boost), each with two traditionally-wired inputs that have a 6 dB difference in gain between them, and two Celestion Alnico “Blue” 12-inch speakers in the combos. The tube complement is made up of 1 x EF86, 3 x ECC83/12AX7, 2 x EL84 and 1 x EZ81 (rectifier).

New, flexible tone-shaping enhancements have been added for the modern guitarist. The EF86 Channel’s original Brilliance switch has been modified to now have three positions instead of two; a Bass Shift switch has been added (to help preserve tightness while playing loud); and a switch that toggles between Pentode mode and Triode mode has been included, so that both variations of original EF86 tone are available. Further, an O/P switch (Triode/Pentode) has been integrated to the power output amplifier stage, which enables the power to be cut in half (15/30 Watts output). Other controls include Treble & Bass controls for the TOP BOOST channel and the global VOX Top Cut control. The amps are available now.

AC20H2 MSRP $2599
AC30HH MSRP $1599
AC30H2L MSRP $3599
V212H cabinet MSRP $1499

Vox Virage

Single Cutaway in Vintage Sunburst
Double Cutaway in Deep Cherry
VOX has announced the introduction of two new semi-hollow body guitars: the Virage DC double cutaway and the Virage SC single cutaway.

Combining the expertise of a hand-selected, global group of designers, luthiers, craftsmen and players, the Virage guitars were conceived from the ground up to further the potential of semi-hollow body guitar design.

Early in the development process, the team realized that creating a guitar up to VOX standards would require starting with a blank canvas rather than simply modifying an existing hollow body design. Their goal was to conceive and create well-balanced, ergonomically rich instruments infused with tonal versatility previously unavailable in an off-the-shelf guitar. The resulting new guitars were designed for players looking to move beyond the performance of traditional electric guitars in the areas of comfort, playability and sonic flexibility.

The Virage DC and Virage SC are solid wood guitars with a number of innovative features including ergonomically curved bodies, contoured both along their length and across their width. This unique curvature hugs close to the player, and, when combined with the guitars’ slightly smaller than typical body size and their arched-top profile, affords a comfortable right arm playing position unlike previous semi-hollow offerings, as well as overall unprecedented playing comfort. The result is a guitar that “fits” perfectly whether the guitarist is sitting or standing.

Both instruments employ the proprietary VOX Three-90 Pickup System, which relies on two triple-coil pickups to deliver clean, crunch and lead tones, similar to having single coil, P-90 and humbucking-style versatility all in one instrument. Its analog circuitry requires no batteries or active electronics, and provides hum free operation regardless of the tone selected. This pickup system was designed and built in the USA exclusively for VOX by DiMarzio. A three-way toggle makes selecting pickups quick and easy. Users can jump between clean, crunch and lead modes independently for each pickup with a quick flick of each pickup’s 3-way mode switch.

The guitars feature Integral Tonebar construction that keeps feedback at bay and yields the warm, singing resonance of a semi-hollow instrument with the focused attack of a solidbody. A custom, hand-carved neck joint with an inverse heel offers greatly enhanced upper fret access and comfort in the highest registers.

The specially designed VOX Full Contact aluminum bridge provides thick, rich tone with clear harmonics. Extended saddle travel ensures perfect intonation for any gauge string. String loading from the back edge of the bridge enables quick and effortless string changes.

  • Mahogany neck
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Acrylic lacquer finish
  • Bone nut
  • 11.8" fretboard radius
  • 1.7" width at nut
  • 22 frets with Medium Jumbo fret wire
  • 25 1/8" scale, specially developed to get the best combination of low note clarity and high note sparkle while remaining comfortable to all guitarists.
  • Two American-made VOX DiMarzio Three-90 custom triple coil pickup system
  • 3-way toggle pickup selector
  • two 3-position pickup mode switches to select Clean, Crunch and Lead modes for each pickup
  • Master Volume and Master Tone controls
  • VOX Super Smooth custom tuners with custom contoured metal buttons
  • Protective hard-shell case.
  • Finish Options are Deep Cherry – Honduran mahogany body; Ash Blonde – Ash body; Vintage Sunburst – Ash top, Honduran mahogany back; and Jet Black – All woods, when available.

The VOX Virage DC Double Cutaway and Virage SC Single Cutaway will be available in stores in April 2008.

DA Series Portable Amplifiers

VOX Amplification displays two recent additions to its DA Series of portable Digital Amplifiers. Based on the popular DA5 amp, the new DA10 and DA20 feature realistic amp styles, built-in high-quality effects and the convenience and flexibility of AC and battery power options.

The 10-Watt DA10 and 20-Watt DA20 can also run at 5 Watts on battery power (4 x C batteries) for further portability. A unique power select switch lets the user adjust the power amplifier output by selecting one of three values: MAX, 1.5 Watts or 0.5 Watt. This helps to extend battery life and also allows the player to turn the master volume all the way up to drive the power amp for maximum tone and feel while keeping the output volume level reasonable.

Both amps feature 11 guitar amplifier tones ranging from pristine clean, to outrageous overdrive, to chunking rhythm—all can be dialed up instantly. Eleven single and combination effects include auto wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo and rotary plus noise reduction. All effect parameters can be adjusted. In addition to a MIC IN with its own level control, an AUX IN enables connection to an external audio device such as a mixer, CD or MP3 player. The inputs may be used simultaneously, enabling the DA5 to serve as a complete rehearsal amplification solution.

A headphone/line output can be used for private or late-night practicing, or for direct connection to a mixer or recorder. The output also adds cabinet tonality and character for a sense of “air” and depth.

The DA10 and DA20 are each equipped with two VOX original design speakers. The DA10 is loaded with 2 x 6.5" speakers, while the DA20 offers 2 x 8" speakers. Both amps feature black vinyl with black chrome grilles. Available now.

DA10 MSRP $270
DA20 MSRP $330

amPlug Headphone Amplifier

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Finally, if the DA series isn''t quite portable enough, the amPlug, a palm-sized, battery powered headphone guitar amplifier, will be. Users can plug it directly into their guitar (via its built-in 1/4" plug), and enjoy professional-quality guitar sounds anywhere, anytime. Additionally, an AUX input jack allows the user to jam along with an iPod or MP3 player.

The amPlug is available in three different sound styles: amPlug AC30, for signature VOX AC30 top boost tone; amPlug Classic Rock, which delivers the sound of a “classic” British 100-Watt head; and amPlug Metal, which is based on a U.S. made high-gain amplifier head that delivers metal high-gain tone. Visually, the amPlug looks like a miniature VOX amplifier, complete with a simulation of the classic VOX black vinyl covering and the famous VOX diamond grill cloth.

Using proprietary analog modeling technology, the amPlug accurately reproduces the complex and warm distortion that is distinctive of a vacuum tube, as well as the powerful high gain produced by a large amp stack, despite its ultra-compact dimensions (3.39" x 3.15" x 1.22") and weight (1.41oz., not including batteries). It offers up to twenty hours of battery life from 2 AAA batteries. Available now, MSRP $56.

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