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Danelectro Unveils Revamped Big Sitar

Danelectro big sitar

Now featuring a string-sensitive Gotoh Sitar bridge and precision-cut graphite nut, this meticulous reissue offers alnico pickups, searing mids, and classic Dano chime.

The original Danelectro electric sitar gave guitar players all over the world the opportunity to not only easily recreate and master beautiful sitar sound with accurate authenticity, but to also play in the style of popular records from that period, from the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and has appeared on hundreds of records since the late ’60s in various musical styles, from pop to rock and Motown to metal.

With its distinctive angular body design, with leg recess for performing in a sitting position, the new 6-string Danelectro Big Sitar with 13 sympathetic strings, retains all the charm of the original 1960s classic design in all its vintage glory, with just a few modern upgrades.

Now featuring a string-sensitive Gotoh Sitar bridge and precision-cut graphite nut, this meticulous reissue maintains the combination of a trio of Danelectro’s flagship lipstick alnico pickups, upgraded to deliver even more crystal clear highs with a warm open low-end, searing mids, and that classic Dano chime.

With natural acoustics from the hollow body construction, bolt-on maple neck with double truss-rod, and the tight density of the 21-fret pau ferro fingerboard, the Danelectro Big Sitar delivers in pure sitar style.

Played as a conventional 6-string guitar, the 13 sympathetic strings can be played harp-style intermittently whilst strumming chords or playing lead lines or, left to add a resonating richness to the mix at a desired level, via their individual volume and tone controls.

Whether you study and play within Ionian, Lydian, Aeolian, or Dorian scales, or just want to be totally inspired as a songwriter fingerpicking open chords or solo note runs, the fun aspect of the Danelectro Big Sitar, looking supercool in White Crackle finish, is a true compliment to Indian sitar style music, at home in the studio or live environment is enormous.

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