Elephant Foot Risers Announces Pedalboard Risers

Fitted and non-fitted risers and frames designed to work with popular effects pedals and pedalboards.

Designed to provide an improved system for elevating effects pedals, the product line includes a broad array of options that will fit almost any pedal and pedalboard. Strong, stable, and lightweight, Elephant Foot Risers are designed for gigging musicians who need a reliable and road-worthy solution for improving their pedalboards.

The line features fitted and non-fitted risers and frames that can make your pedalboard as solid, secure, and streamlined as possible – without forcing you to sacrifice your favorite pedals or compromise on your routing preferences.


  • No more accidental pedal stomps, no more pedal wobble, no more sloppy pedal boards!
  • Works with all popular brands
  • Easy and neat cable routing and pedal attachment options
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Versatile - use on wood, composite or metal pedalboards
  • Excellent value! Prices starting at only $4.99.

Intro to Elephant Foot Risers

Elephant Foot Risers are priced from $4.99 to $12.99. For more information, please visit elephantfootrisers.com.

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