Loathe Rig Rundown
Rig Rundown: Loathe's Erik Bickerstaffe

Guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe exquisitely executes a tightwire act that contrasts and fuses brutality and beauty using a bargain baritone Gretsch and stock Tele.

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A tribute to classic pedal designs, but with a unique twist. Wampler dives into the world of germanium diodes, which has often been called the "key" to the original Klon circuitry's distinctive sound.

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Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman
Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman

A hot-rodded Melody Maker, a pair of Deluxe Reverbs, and a custom-built ’board power this funk funhouse.

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