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Interstellar Audio Machines Introduces the Marsling Octafuzzdrive

Interstellar Audio Machines Introduces the Marsling Octafuzzdrive

The Marsling Octafuzzdrive is a thick fuzz that uses a phase splitter and complimentary rectifier to create an octave overtone.

Boutique guitar effects design house Interstellar AudioMachines (IAM) announces the release of their latest out-of-this-world guitar effect pedal: The Marsling Octafuzzdrive.

The Marsling Octafuzzdrive is a thick fuzz that uses a phase splitter and complimentary rectifier to create an octave overtone. Building onto the discontinued 71’-78’ foXX ToneMachine, IAM tricked out the legendary circuit with a couple of mods: The octave up is now a foot switch instead of the original toggle switch for on/off multi-functionality on the fly making this a “2in1” Fuzz OR combo Fuzz/Octave pedal. Secondly, they added atone control toggle switch to let players choose between 3 different treble side tone capacitors (instead of just 1) to help dial in the absolute best tones you can from the treble side of the rotation.

Pro guitarists trust Interstellar Audio Machine pedals and so should you. Some of the legendary players that rely on IAM include Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton, JimmyHerring of Widespread Panic, Richard Fortus of Guns & Roses, Jeff Schroeder of Smashing Pumpkins, Derek Trucks, Gavin Rossdale of Bush, and many more!

Marsling Octafuzzdrive highlights include:

  • Dual foot switches for Fuzz or Fuzz/Octave “2in1” capabilities on the fly
  • Tone Bypass switch versatility
  • 3 treble tone side capacitors for maximum tone control
  • Top-mounted jacks for more board space
  • Refined all-analog circuit design provides pure, ultra-consistent performance​

The Marsling Octafuzzdrive pedal carries an MSRP of $329.99 and a street price of$199.99 each. They’re available at select retailers and can also be purchased directly from the Interstellar Audio Machines online store.

For more information, please visit

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