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MusicMax Welcomes Maybach Guitars to Its Distinguished Roster of Brands

MusicMax Welcomes Maybach Guitars to Its Distinguished Roster of Brands

MusicMax Distribution announces the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of premium brands—Maybach Guitars.

Hailing from Germany, Maybach Guitars has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence by working with premium woods and the utmost respect for the rich traditions of electric guitar craftsmanship, their own distinctive designs, and unparalleled tone and playability.

Founded on a commitment to quality, Maybach Guitars stands out as an example of precision and artistry in the world of musical instruments. Every instrument produced by Maybach is meticulously hand crafted in Europe by highly skilled luthiers and woodworkers, ensuring that each guitar meets the highest standards of performance and aesthetics and tone.

"We are excited to bring Maybach Guitars into the MusicMax Distribution family," said Brian Harsh, (Vice President, Business Development) at MusicMax Distribution. "Maybach’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship aligns seamlessly with our dedication to providing top-quality instruments to musicians in the United States. We believe that the addition of Maybach Guitars to our lineup fits perfectly with our goal to support high quality & and high-value brands that enrich the musical experiences of our customers."

“From the very beginning, Maybach had written on its flag not only to manufacture instruments of the best possible quality but to implement this consistently with the promise of “Made in Europe”, said Toni Götz, Maybach founder and CEO. “This vision was developed over years of intensive preparation. It was successfully turned into reality when the Maybach ship set sail in 2011 and quickly set its course – driven by a wind of enthusiasm sparked by the many musicians thrilled by the quality of Maybach instruments.

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with MusicMax Distribution from Columbus/Ohio to make Maybach guitars available on a larger scale to dealers and musicians in the US for the first time. The MusicMax mission of providing high quality, high value products to dealers and musicians in the US market aligns closely with the values of Maybach.”

Musical instrument dealers can now experience the artisanship, precision, and excellence of Maybach Guitars by partnering with MusicMax Distribution. For more information on MusicMax Distribution and its exclusive distribution of Maybach Guitars, please visit