Palmer Launches the Pedalbay 60 PB and 40 PB Pedalboards

This update to the Pedalbay series integrates a power supply into a crossbar of the pedalboard.

The 60 PB and 40 PB sets combine the Palmer Pedalbay WT PB 60, and the Pedalbay 40 and the WT PB 40 power supplies respectively, both with 8 single-isolated outputs. Due to the patented integration, the power supply can be exchanged and fixed with the rear rail of the models. A separate transport for power supply is no longer necessary.


  • Screwed, hollow aluminum construction that allows for integrated power supply bar to replace another crossbar
  • Modular, screwed design allows for adjustment of the spacing of the crossbars to accommodate pedals of different sizes
  • Six 9 V 300 mA isolated DC outputs and two switchable 9/12/18 V 500 mA isolated DC outputs
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Each model comes with a padded carry bag with accessory pocket and shoulder strap

The Pedalbay 60 PB ($299.99 USD) and 40 PB ($269.99 USD) can be found at retailers nationwide.

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