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Soulfire Guitarworks Introduces Three New Models

Soulfire Guitarworks Introduces Three New Models

Soulfire Guitarworks introduces three new electric guitar models: SF-1, SR-1, and HB-1. Crafted with sustainable hardwood bodies and hand-wired pickups, these guitars offer a blend of familiarity and originality. Featuring 25” scale length necks, Richlite fretboards, and signature pickups, these instruments are designed to inspire players.

Featuring 100% sustainable hardwood bodies and Soulfire’s own hand-wired pickups, the guitars are crafted with the just the right balance of modern and traditional building techniques.

All three models feature 25” scale length necks with Richlite fretboards, nickel frets, and a classic D neck profile. The carved American cherry bodies are fitted with optional maple tops. In addition to the solid body SR-1, players can choose between two semi-hollow models: the SF-1 brandishes signature “Flame” f-holes, and the HB-1 sports “Broken Heart” f-holes.

In keeping with the company’s lean-and-mean ethos, the instruments are loaded with one of Soulfire’sproprietary pickups: players can choose the “Wicked Mojo” humbuckers or “Angry Dog” P90s.

Features include:

  • House-made “Wicked Mojo” Humbuckers - 12 adjustable poles. DC resistance average 7.94k-8.2k. A5 magnets
  • “Angry Dog” P90 pickups - DC resistance 8.25k-8.4K. A5 magnets
  • Genuine silver plated and antiqued headstock emblem/truss rod cover
  • Signature black machined volume knob
  • Optional B7 Bigsby

Pricing for Soulfire’s semi-hollow lineup - the SF-1 and HB-1 – starts at $3400. Solid-body models are priced starting at $3000 (for true solid) and $3200 (chambered body). All models are sold exclusively through the website and come with Premium Gig Bags.

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