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Summer School Electronics Announces Half Day Compressor

Summer School Electronics Announces Half Day Compressor

The Half Day Compressor from Summer School Electronics is a Ross-style compressor that boasts some modern amenities for today’s players. This compressor will level out your playing preventing any volume spikes while playing and raising any notes that are softer than the desired level for a smooth compressed sound.

The Half Day Compressor takes the topology of the Ross-style compression and features a selectable input capacitance that will either allow more bass-friendly frequencies for lower-tuned instruments or cut them for a more traditional guitar compression. It also incorporates a tilt-EQ that acts as a high-pass and low-pass filter to further dial in the desired effect. After the compression circuit, it offers a boost that makes it the perfect pedal for guitar solos. This boost allows the player to get that “squashed” tone without the perceived volume drops of most compressors.

Each pedal offers the following features:​

  • Easy to use controls: Volume, Fuzz and Tone
  • Handbuilt in Syracuse, NY
  • Lifetime warranty
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Half Day Compressor is available at Summer School Electronics dealers, at a street price of $164.99.

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Summer School Electronics Half Day Compressor