Way Huge Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Revamped Red Llama Overdrive MkIII

A recreation of the company's very first pedal in its most compact form ever.

Mr. Huge spent months testing modern components to recreate the sound of the original RL2 to ensure that it retains all of its signature touch sensitivity and mojo. Way Huge describes the pedal as having harmonic overdrive reminiscent of a vintage tweed amp and a wide array of tones from soft and cuddly to burly and brutal, this llama can bite. But it also purrs. And screams—if you smack it just right. You might lose a few fingers and toes, but you’ll be glad you did.


  • Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Way Huge with its very first pedal—the Red Llama Overdrive
  • Now in the compact Smalls enclosure with all the sensitivity and mojo of the original
  • Delicious harmonic overdrive from soft and cuddly to burly and brutal

Way Huge Smalls Red Llama Overdrive MkIII

The Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive MKIII is available for $149.99 from retailers worldwide or directly online from www.jimdunlop.com.

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