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October 2011 Letters

Feedback on our September issue and more!

Tip o’ the Hat to Tozzoli
I’m an avid, long-time subscriber to PG—my favorite music mag by far. Love the honest, no-nonsense, no-gossip approach. Sensationalism, misinformation, and the soap-opera files are the bane of so many other trade magazines. I read every issue cover to cover and just wanted you to know I have truly enriched not only my guitar knowledge and technique by subscribing, but have also gone to school on a lot of tone tweaks, repairs, and recording techniques.

On the latter subject, I just wanted to give you my personal two cents’ worth in favor of retaining Rich Tozzoli’s monthly column as long as possible. I find his approach very relevant, which is more than I can say for a lot of the drivel put out by other sources, particularly on the web. Rich tackles complex problems and techniques in a language that everyday guys like myself can understand. I am an aspiring producer and have recorded, engineered, and produced several projects of my own. Basically, I’m a one-man show, but I’ve learned enough to consider myself an independent recording artist. The tips and tricks I’ve learned through reading Rich’s articles closely and employing his techniques have greatly improved my final products. Plus, he answers emails to everyday Joe’s like myself—unheard of in this day and age.

This is not meant to denigrate all the other columnists. I greatly appreciate all the writers. Mitch Gallagher’s columns are spot-on, and I just about lost my mind when you guys brought the illustrious Mr. Paul Gilbert onboard. (Interesting that his initials are “PG.” Coincidence? Hmm. . . .) Paul’s articles are rife with great guitar tricks and they are highly entertaining, as well.

Rock on PG! We love you in San Jose!
—Johnny Mau
via email

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Johnny! Many guitarists know instruments, amps, and pedals pretty well, but we’re not nearly as conversant when it comes to recording gear and techniques. We’re stoked to have Tozzoli’s expertise at our collective disposal. His September column even inspired some of us here in the PG office to explore compressor pedals after decades without one.

Those Freakin’ Flags . . .

Hi Shawn.
I am a long-time subscriber to your magazine and a big fan of the videos online. I just wanted to say you were right on the money with your comments about the Tesla Prodigy [“Fly Your Freak Flag High,” Tuning Up September 2011]. If you can’t be out-there with electric guitar design, what is the point? There are only so many ways to invent the Stratocaster the first time. Many thanks.

—James Bower
via email

Spot-on with your September article. No, this guitar is not for me, but your last paragraph is exactly right: It is this kind of forward, out-of-the-box thinking that built the USA. Thanks to you and Jamie [Gale, North American distributor for Teuffel Guitars] for leaving the video up on YouTube. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead—flying the freak flag, of course!

—Sam Turner
via email

PG editor in chief Shawn Hammond responds: Thanks so much for your letters, James and Sam. Keep flying those flags high!

PG Down Under
I am a total guitar nut and have bought and read virtually every guitar publication in the English language since my first GP back in about 1972. There have been some great ones and some awful ones, but I have to say that Premier Guitar is fantastic! I first started with the online version, then got the PG app for my iPhone, and then I spotted the May 2011 issue on the shelf at my local news-agent’s shop and said, “You’re getting Premier Guitar in?! I didn’t even know the print version was coming to Australia!” They said, “We thought you’d like it!” They know me so well! I now have it on monthly order from them and just got my latest issue.

What really impresses me is the sheer volume and quality of the content. There’s LOTS to read on all aspects of guitar, and for a knowledge-sponge like me, that’s a great thing! Some mags you can whip through in five minutes. Not PG. There’s a wealth of interesting and relevant information in every issue—you’ve won me!

—David Hinds
Port Macquarie NSW, Australia

Wow—you’ve got some pretty awesome sales guys looking out for you at your local shop, David! Thank you for your kind letter. All our best to you!

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
Remember in the ’80s when your mom would get Vogue magazine and it was like a friggin’ phone book? You guys are the Vogue of guitar magazines. Just thick with content and perty [sic] pictures! xoxo

—Dick Veacon
via Facebook

In our September review of Tony MacAlpine’s new album, we mistakenly said his 1987 album Maximum Security came out in 1994. In the same issue, our Richmond Guitars Empire Mahogany review listed the street price as $499. The correct price is $595. We apologize for the confusion.