On Location, Chicago, IL - Part II

The second half of PG''s stop in Chicago

Chicago, IL (May 8, 2008) -- Here''s our second installment of Premier Guitar “On Location” in Chicago, IL. In Part I, we locked down some serious tuning knowledge with the folks at Peterson Tuners, met a cool repair/custom build guy and checked out how Washburn electric guitars and custom acoustics are made. This week we dig a little deeper into the tail end of the Washburn building process, show you how Parker electrics are made and show you the paint shop for both brands. We also introduce you to David Eden of Eden Electronics and take you to a high-end guitar store that is the sole reason some musicians trek to Chicago.

Make''n Music - We''re going to guess that you''ve never seen this many high-end guitars and amps in one place before. Seriously.

The Making of a Parker Electric - So you think Parkers look and feel high-tech? Wait ''til you see how they make ''em.

Parker Guitars, Washburn Guitars - The Paint Shop - See where it all happens and meet the man in charge.

Final Assembly and Set-up - Parker Guitars and Washburn Guitars - See the final assembly for a custom guitar going to the band Kataklysm and check out some brand spakin'' new guitars that just finished the set-up process (including a Parker Four Seasons)

Eden Bass Amps - David Eden walks you through his lineup of high-end bass amps and discusses Eden cabinet construction.

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