Premier Guitar and various pickup manufacturers are giving away over 40 sets of pickups in the month of June on with Pickup Party 2011! Check out the interactive calendar

Premier Guitar and various pickup manufacturers are giving away over 40 sets of pickups in the month of June on with Pickup Party 2011! Check out the interactive calendar below to see participating manufacturers and their respective giveaway dates. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep tabs on the Pickup Party and to see who the winners are.

Winners will be notified by email the morning following that respective giveaway. The winners list can be found below the calendar and will be updated each day following a giveaway.

This contest is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada. Full rules can be found here .

Good Luck!

*Click below on the current giveaway day to enter for your chance to win (Calendar updates between 9:00 am and 10:00 am daily).

Pickup Party Winners:
June 1: (Kent Armstrong Pickups - 1 winner) Josh Ross of Mt. Sterling, KY
June 2: (Tesla - 2 winners) Opus-1: Neville Kroeger of Kingwood, TX AH-2: Steve Reese of LeRoy, NY
June 3: (Cream T Pickups - 3 winners) Ricc Terranova of Des Moines, IA; Chris Hunt of Safford, AZ; and Doug Child of Snowmass, CO
June 6: (Mighty Mite - 3 winners) Kyle Taylor of Kenosha, WI; Chad Nulph of Columbia, MO; Paul Shuffield of Arkadelphia, AR
June 7: (Shadow Electronics - 3 winners) EQ 5: Jensen Thrasher of Rainsville, AL; AZ 48: Brian Jones of Camas, WA; 145 G: Christine Greenwald of Denver, CO
June 8: (Lollar - 1 winner) Martin LaFever of Wilmington, NC
June 9: (DiMarzio -  3 winners) Eugene Sabaitis of St. Paul, MN; Damon McCarty of Hominy, OK; Glenn Leming of Kalispell, MT
June 10: (Nordstrand - 3 winners) Allen Wright of Benton, AR; Daniel Lopezof Franklin, TN; Steven Sternberg of Margate, FL
June 13: (David Allen Pickups - 3 winners) Kevin Wermers of Merced, CA; George Jameson of Cody, WY; Alan Cosgrove of Akron, OH
June 14: (Seymour Duncan - 3 winners) Steven Brenner of Winnetka, CA; David Merril of East Corinth, VT; Joshua Jenkins of Athens, GA
June 15: (Guitar Fetish - 3 winners) Bob Chekoudjian of St. Louis, MO; Andrew Collins of Nashville, TN; John Baum of Abington, PA
June 16: (Hanson Pickups - 2 winners) Ferris Fleming of North Attleboro, MA; Matthew Landry of Seattle, WA
June 17: (Fishman - 3 winners) Michael Norton of Sneads Ferry, NC; Jeff Taylor of San Francisco, CA; William MacDonald of Fargo, ND
June 20: (Budz - 1 winner) Steve Kasmiersky of Pasadena, TX
June 21: (Zex Coil - 3 winners) Paul Yarber of Moorhead, MN; Robert Read of Mount Prospect, IL; Stephen Kinal of Derby, KS
June 22: (EMG - 1 winner) Ruben Gordon of Lakeville, PA
June 23: (Joe Barden - 1 winner) Alex Kanburov of Houston, TX
June 24: (LR Baggs - 3 winners) Alice Iu of Quincy, MA; David Baker of Oak Harbor, OH; Eric Freberg of Lockport, NY
June 27: (MojoTone - 3 winners) Matthew Mittelstadt of Derchester, MA; Curtis Lund of Walla Walla Washington; Joseph Woodard of Adams, TN
June 28: (Lindy Fralin -  1 winner) Patrick Kirk of Kansas City, MO
June 29: (Fender - 1 winner) Ron Siwicki of Winnepeg, Manitoba
June 30: (Carvin - 2 winners) Robert Koch of Willmar, MN; Michael Brown of Smyrna, TN
July 1: (Rio Grande - 1 winner) John McCool of Salt Lake City, UT

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