Planet Waves released several new guitar straps this month, including two designs by Pat Metheny.

Farmingdale, NY (February 28, 2008) -- D''Addario released several new Planet Waves straps in February. The company introduced the Stoned Leather Collection and reintroduced the Planet Lock release and Retro Collection straps.

The new straps are made to cater to musicians'' individual personality and style. First, the Planet Lock has integrated locking ends that are 60 percent smaller than previous versions, a feature that helps prevent instrument falls. It comes in the five best-selling patterns and is priced at $29.99.

The Retro Collection has five new woven strap patterns. They''re made with high quality leather ends inspired by fashions of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The straps are made of tubular nylon for a comfort fit and have a built-in pick pocket. MSRP for the Retro Collection straps is $26.99.

The new Stoned Leather Collection straps are made of distressed leather with full-length graphics printed with a unique process that prevents them from being scratched off. The patterns are described with distinct names: The Baron, Bio-Mechanics, Horror Show, The Pentangle, Blood Strips and Fashion X.  Each costs $69.99.

The final signature strap is the brainchild of guitar great, Pat Metheny. The two Pat Metheny Signature designs, Travel and Watercolors, are created on tubular nylon with leather ends. These "world influenced" straps cost $29.99.

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